Tuesday, 6 May 2008


Update 05-12-08
Aquarius Design Commercial Use Terms Of Use License
Thank you for purchasing my commercial use product's
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding usage which is not answered below.
Contact - aquariusdes(at)gmail.com
You MAY:
*Use these items in any commercial way, as long as you do not sell on the files in the original state without modifications.
*Alter the size and color etc to suit your designing needs.
*Make one copy of these files for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.
*Resell any of these products, or claim them as your own designs without any modifications.
*Offer these items on any website as downloads or send them through any illegal file sharing groups, forums etc.
*Hold me responsible for any loss or damages resulting from the use of these items.
Credit in your own tou files is very much appreciated though is no compulsary.
Enjoy designing with my commercial use items.
Aquarius Design
Aquarius DesignTerms Of Use License non commercial
These Aquarius Design Scrap items are for personal use only.
No commercial use is allowed under any circumstances.
Please do not claim these scraps as your own.
Please do not alter any of them and claim them as your own.
You may resize or colourize them to suit your projects, tags etc.
Please do not change the filenames.
Please keep them in tact.
Please do NOT upload to any website.
Tutorial Writers
If you use the kits in a tut, please, always credit me and link back to my site www.aquariusscrapability.blogspot.com for the purchased kitsand for the freebies and let me know that you are using the kit in in tut.
Msn Group Challenge Hosts
You may use any of my freebie scraps in any of your challenges.
Please share the original preview and link to http://aquariusscrapability.blogspot.com.
Do not point to the download folder but to the blog!!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at aquariusdes(at)gmail.com
I don't have many rules so please be respectful and follow them.
Thank you
Aquarius D. owner of Aquarius Scrapability

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