Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Digital piracy and a new Tut

I just recently found out that my paid kits are being distributed, you can imaging that i was furious, since i don't sell at a high price and i have only 3 payd kits at this time.
The person i approached that send the file thru a yahoo group gave the nicest comment?!!
"forwarding from another group...... not my problem, sorry hugs ....".

Shall i put this another way.
If a burglar enters you're neighbours house (persuming you like you're neighbour ;) just kidding) and they steel stuff, but you hold the door open (at free will) for the burglar, are you guilty or not???

I would say so, since you helped that person, so you're not innocent.
That's the same as with digital piracy, please people be aware that this isn't allowed and holds great penalty when caught.

Personally i don't sell the kits to get rich, but just to cover some of the cost i make to make the kits, freebie and ptu.

Now on to the brighter site of life ;)

Tina of Magical World has become a CT designer for me, the first thing she made was a beautifull new tutorial, sadly just in German but with a translater you will know what she has writen.
Thank you Tina for this gorgeous lo.

I'm working on a new freebie kit, so i will let you see a little teaser, choo choo....train is coming.

Copyright Compliancy
This is titled.. "It Starts With Us!" because it does... It was written by Dan & posted in the CILM forum......

Where does copyright awareness and protection start? - It starts with us.
Where does the stopping of illegal shares start? - It starts with us
Where does black balling people, groups and sites that share illegal work start? - It starts with us
Where do people turn to find out what is right and what is wrong in the way of tubes and such? - It starts with us
Who can stop this from happening? - It starts with us
Who can make a group or person stop this? - It starts with us.

What do we need to do?Band together with all licensing companies,
Do not just report an incident to them and leave it at that.
That doesn't work, people ignore their emails and threats knowing that a lawsuit and prosecution will cost them too much.
But it costs us more.
More money to do something we love. We may even lose artists over it.
Leave a group you know is violating copyright terms.
Inform your other groups about it.
Let the company have a black list and respect it and not bitch at them because they have it.
Yes sometimes you may have to leave a group of friends you have been with for a while but that is the price that has to be paid to protect your interests.
Would you stay with a group you know are committing other crimes?
No I don't think you would.
The time is now for us as a user community to stand as one and say "WE WILL NOT PUT UP WITH YOUR ILLEGAL SHARING ANY MORE".
No bitching about company A is better than company B.
They all have GREAT artists and we all want those artists to stay around.
We are a large group and now is the time for us to be heard.
The ones illegally sharing stuff will bitch.
So, let's speak louder and firmly against this.
No idle threats or harassment, just true action to leave groups and not take tags or such from people we know do this.
We need to be the educators and protectors.
Let's work with the companies, not against them.
I know I will!Will you?

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