Saturday, 7 March 2009

Asking for Help!

Copied off Jillann's blog:

Where do I begin...There is no amount of words to describe Farrah.
She has been a mentor to me, a best friend, a shoulder when I needed it and shes just one Hell of an amazing woman.
She has endured many obstacles in her life and has always overcame them and I am confident that she will overcome this also.
Farrah is the first to give and rarely wants to be paid back for her generosity, but this is one time where she has no choice in the matter.

When we are faced with the uncertainty of medicinal science, we always fear the worst.
Having gone through these issues myself, I can fully understand the fear that Farrah is feeling.
A strong support system is vital at times like this and I am so honored that so many people want to help her and her children out.
At this time we are uncertain about what will evolve from Farrah's upcoming tests but either way she will need help emotionally and financially to get through this.
I could get on my soap box and go on and on about the health care issues we face in America but there is no need as most know how bad it is.
I too have no insurance and can not get state assistance currently.
Even with "sliding scales" there are still bills that need to be paid.
I am asking for everyone's help in this battle that Farrah is facing.
The Scrappin Bratz will host a Colab kit and all profits will go directly to Farrah to offset her medical expenses and help with any other expenses she may have due to missing work for doctor appointments.
If you are interested in contributing to this effort please email me at or at the stores address for more information.

There is also a Donate button available for everyone to add to their blogs if you
are unable to contribute to the Colab :0)

Please visit Farrah's store HERE to purchase some awesome digi scrap products.
Farrah~ I love you babe and WE will get through this!!!
You are not alone!
Picture Below of Farrah's Boys!!!


Chelle Moore said...

You have an award on my blog hun, PLease stop by and pick it up..

Farrah's Designer Scraps said...

Thank you so much sweetie! I greatly appreciate what everyone is doing to help me!

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