Tuesday, 12 January 2010


NOTE from Monja owner of DDR:

Digidesignresort will be back quickly - nothing happened to us! Thanks all for your emails and I'm sorry that I cannot answer each and any email personally so I sent out this note.
Yesterday our host gave me a hard time - as they already did that before I decided that now it's time for a move to another host company. It was a quick decision and therefore we set the site on "suspended" - but we are not on vacation, we are transferring the large amount of files.

We want to give you more performance, more realiability and make your stay at DDR more secure. We will need some days because we are moving a large amount of data as you can imagine but be sure we are back soon.

We'll keep you up to date here on the blog where I keep you up to date :-)

Just go to http://digidesign-resort.blogspot.com/

Cross your fingers that everything goes well and quick!


Your Digidesignresort Team (already missing its friends and family members :(( )

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