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Stunning collab with Booland, more new items, sale and lot's of Freebies!!

I had so much fun creating this collaboration kit with Booland Designs.
 Love the feel of this kit, it takes me back to those gorgeous lavender fields in France.

In every shade of pink and purple imaginable, Lavender Chic includes exotic lady birds and fanciful butterflies that, when nested among the flora on worn vintage or ultra-urban papers, will add exquisite style to just about any scrapbooking layout. 
  •  1 Element Pack -101 Elements
  •  1 Paper Pack -  28 12"x12" papers
  •  1 Pack of 12 12”x12” Cardstock Solid Papers
  •  1 Pack of 10 Glitter Styles in ASL format with 12 Glitter Sheets in PNG – Includes PTN File     
  •  2 Alpha Packs - includes lower case and numbers and some extras
  •  1 Pack of Textured Frames – Great Stash Builder – 10 in pack
  •  1 Pack of Textured Swirls – Great Stash Builder – 17 in pack
  • 23 Gorgeous Ready To Use Cluster Frames.
  • The Page Spray Bundle Contains - 4 in pack
  • 9 Beautiful Ready To Use Tags



Newsletter Freebie at DigiDesignResort:
note this freebie is only available a few days!

 Be sure to take a tour at my store at DDR the SummerSale is set and New products are in store, for instance The Back To School scrapbookingkit:

A new school year is a little like stepping out into the unknown. Will I like my
teacher? Will I still have the same friends? Will there be some new kids? Will we
have heaps of homework? And so the list goes on.
But there is also the excitement in the preparations – new pencils, pens, sharpener,
eraser and ruler. New pencil case, new lunch box, new school backpack, new shoes
and socks and so much more.
Yes, starting school, whether for the very first time, or entering a higher grade, is
always accompanied by ‘butterflies’ in the tummy – a little anxiety perhaps – and a
ton of anticipation.

This kit is almost as comprehensive as the education your kids will get in school…
This digital scrapbooking kit contains various digital supplies:
  • 70 digital scrapbooking elements
  • 14 digital scrapbooking background papers
  • 8 different digital ready to use cluster frames scrapbooking elements, come in both shadowed and un-shadowed version totalling 16 clusters.
  • Alpha Packs –with Upper, Lower, Numbers and some punctuation
  • 4 digital scrapbooking 12”x12” Stacked Pages – Perfect for starting that Photobook Project
  • 18 digital scrapbooking doodle elements
  • 16 digital scrapbooking Word Arts to embelish your pages with.

Or the new CU items:

Introducing my Collab Partner

   Boo aka BooLandDesigns
A little about your background….
1 When did you start Designing?  
 I started to play around with PSP and PS back in 2004 and became a store CT for the Studio when it opened its doors about 2005/6. I work with PS CS3 Extended at the moment. 
2 How did you chose your Design name ? 
 My Partner Jay is always teasing me for having my head in the clouds and dreaming. He would say ‘there she goes, off to Booland again’ LOL.  It seemed fitting that I should have this ‘other’ world for my digiscrapping
3 Where do you live?
 I live in a lovely little seaside town called Southport sandwiched between Liverpool and Manchester in the UK
4 Tell us about your family ie, hubby, kids, etc? 
 I have two grown up sons, Danny and Mike. Both have served long term in the British Army and both are married with children of their own and I live with my Partner, Jay and my youngest child Elly who is almost 13yrs
Getting to know you……
5 Do you have a ‘real’ job besides designing? 
I’m a qualified Early Years Educator but currently work full time on my Designing and LOVE it.
6 What is your favourite hobby besides Digi Scrapping? 
I have many but my favourite thing to do is listen to my partner play the violin, it’s just magical.
7 How long have you been designing?
 Something like 6 years now? I am old and forget things lol. I just turned 50 although in Booland that means I’m only 26. I like BooLand ;)
8 What is one of your pet peeves?
 Housework. I mean, who needs it? You clean, they mess, you clean again, they mess again, KWIM ;)
9 If you could travel anywhere where would you go? 
 I have a huge list of places I want to visit but top of the list is to go see a real live Yankies Baseball game and catch a home run ball.
10 Tell us something about you that no one knows.  
A few might know I’m a big Cure fan but not many will know I actually used to write a fanzine for them back in the day called ‘the Curse’ (a pun on a joke Robert made in an interview). It was very popular and went all over the world and I was lucky enough to get to interview some great bands for it. My greatest regret is that I still haven’t seen the Cure play live. How sad is that? I just never seem to be able to save enough to go see them.
I love all the layouts my Blossoms make. I have an AWESOME team but these three are a good representation of the Inspiration you’ll find over in my Gallery

Show us three of your own favourite products currently available in your store 

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Here are the freebies posted on Booland's Blog:




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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 1 post on Jul. 28, 2012. Thanks again.

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