Monday, 24 December 2012

It's not over yet! Each Day you will find a free gift

It's not over yet!
Enjoy our last day of Super Saver Deals with 75% off / $ 1.00 on selected items. But it's not over then...
Here at Nut House Scraps we celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas when it is suppose to be celebrated. We start on December 25th and run through January 5th. Each Day you will find a free gift for you in the store. Make sure you check our store each and every day to pick up your free gift. Each of those gifts is made from the Season's Greetings mini kits and Add-Ons we have in store here. If you get it all you will have a wonderful collection for your Christmas to scrap!

Don't you just love the Advent and Christmas time?  Each year there is only one holiday that the most people seek refuge with their own family and that is Christmas. Most of us want to be Home for Christmas, a lot of us like to be with those we love on this holy day.  Spending hours together with the family, preparing the Christmas tree, wrapping and unwrapping gifts, enjoy all the cookies and meals...Getting Freebies ;)


Super Saver Deals Day 12:

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