Friday, 15 June 2012

Father's day sale and Freebie Woman's Nest

Dear Digidesignresort Friends,

Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddies, Granddaddies, Uncles, and soon-to-be Daddies! I’m sure they will all enjoy a nice scrapped Father’s Day Card or Scrap!
We will feature a new designer every month with a beautiful new kit exclusively created for Digidesignresort. This kit is not just HUGE but also shows the unique work of a single designer.
I’m so happy to announce the release of our new collaboration kit
Woman’s Nest
created for you by Kakleidesigns
This kit is free with a purchase of 20$
… or you can get the whole bundle with not just the kit but also a set of beautiful clusters, quickpages, and stacked papers!
This kit is FREE with PURCHASE of 30$

Scroll down for a freebie and inspiration!

Father’s Day Kits
OUR NEW Collaboration Kit “Family Time” – now on Sale
And here an example what you can do with it….

New and Noteworthy!

I’ve been blown away by Feli and Lia Designs new Bundle

Today’s Freebie is created for you by our Beachbabes with the beautiful Kit “Woman’s Nest” by Kakleidesigns!

Freebies are only available limited time (approx. 2 days) so please hurry to grab yours.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

DDR newsletter Freebie

OUR NEW Collaboration Kit "Family Time" - now on Sale
And here an example what you can do with it....

Today's Freebie is created for you by Aquarius Designs!
Find out more about her products here
See what you can do with it :-) Isn't it gorgeous?

Freebies are only available limited time (approx. 2 days) so please hurry to grab yours.

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Introducing collab partner and more freebies

Introducing my collab partner:

A little about your background….
1 When did you start Designing?  
My daughter introduced me to digital scrapbooking in 2009 and I was instantly addicted.  She was a great teacher and encouraged me to sign up for various courses, workshops and publications. That quickly evolved into designing and I began selling at the end of 2010.
2. Where do you live? 
 I live outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the US.
3 Tell us about your family ie, hubby, kids, etc? 
I live with my husband Clemens, a talented photographer who provides me with lots of photos for extracting elements and creating backgrounds and textures, and my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Vinnie, pictured above. I have two adult daughters and two grandsons, all of whom show up regularly along with their dogs in my scrapbook layouts.
Getting to know you……
4 Do you have a ‘real’ job besides designing?
 I’m a professional astrologer and have practiced and taught astrology for 40 years. Along the way I’ve had lots of “real” jobs: I’ve taught (kindergarten, high school, community college), worked as a newspaper editor, bookkeeper, supervised vocational programs for people with disabilities, to name a few. 
I’m incredibly lucky that the two things I have been and continue to be intensely passionate about (astrology and digital designing) are my real jobs now.
My design name StarSongStudio was chosen because it represents the two careers that make my heart sing.
5  What is your favourite hobby besides Digi Scrapping? 
I adore reading. I usually have 4 or 5 books going simultaneously.
6  What is one of your pet peeves? 
I don’t understand why humans can’t live in peace with one another and why so many people are so intolerant of other people’s beliefs and choices.

7 If you could travel anywhere where would you go? 
I really want to go to Manchu Picchu. Since I get altitude sickness at half the height, it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but hey, dreams don’t have to make sense.

8. Tell us something about you that no one knows.  
 Can’t think of anything that at least some people don’t know about so I’ll just share that I use to own a Victorian Bed and Breakfast, which no doubt explains my leanings toward vintage designs.

Show us three of your own favourite products currently available in your store       
A Moment in Time  
 Blue Poppy


Show us 3 of your favorite CT Layouts

 That’s like asking me to choose my favorite child or grandchild. I have the most amazing CT team. Truly, I’m not exaggerating.  So choosing is out of the question. I will just pick a few layouts to give you an idea.

Ann’s Blog
Ann’s Facebook where you can get an exclusive kit as a freebie
Ann’s Twitter
Ann’s Pinterest
Sign Up for the free StarSongStudio Newsletter and get a free sign-up kit as well as newsletter specials and freebies

Did you notice that StarSongStudio and ManuScraps also have little gifts for you?

Here is the freebie presented by ManuScraps:
I have a coordinating free cluster for Country Cottage in my store for you:

There is even a little freebie on the Blog from Booland Designs, be sure to read the whole post so you know what is coming soon ;-)

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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Country Cottage and Use It All mini Freebie

Curl up with the kitten in the rocking chair on the porch, peek into a vine covered window or luxuriate by the birdbath in the garden. Country cottage evokes the serenity and charm of country living in a soft color palette filled with pink, rose, lavender, green, and yellow hues. Complete with its own cozy cottage, domestic animals, wildlife, garden blooms, rustic elements, and more,  this large collaborative kit provides creative inspiration for a wide variety of scrapbooking projects.

Country Cottage contains:

30 papers, 12” x 12” in jpeg format, and
103 elements, created at 300 dpi in png format

1 bauble, 2 boxes, 3 brads, 28 flowers, 8 foliage, 5 frames, 8 ribbons and bows, 1 chain, 1 tree, 4 tags, 1 harp, 1 bench, 1 broach, 1 watch, 1 fawn, 1 windmill, 1 inkwell, 1 letter box, 2 cats, 2 sprinklers, 2 birdbaths, 1 rocking chair, 1 grass, 1 banner, 1 bucket, 1 butterfly, 1 button, 1 cottage, 1 dog, 1 fence, 1 hat, 2 peaches, 1 path, 2 birds, 1 planter, 1 water pump, 1 welcome sign, 2 windows, 1 wreath, 1 fan, 1 piece china, 1 porch, 1 scatter, 1 swirl, 1 border, 1 bottle.

Country Cottage Word Art set contains 10 Word Arts to embellish your pages with.
Country Cottage Stacked Paper set contains 5 pre-made papers to make stunning layouts with.
Country Cottage Cluster set 1 contains 6 pre-made clusters to embellish your pages with.
Country Cottage Cluster set 2 contains 6 pre-made clusters to embellish your pages with.
Country Cottage Alpha contains the letters A to Z, 5 punctuations and the number 0 to 9.
Country Cottage glitter set contains 12 glitter styles and 12 seamless glitter tiles 900x900 pixels.

Country Cottage is a personal use collaboration by Aquarius Design, ManuScraps and StarSongStudio.
Layouts created by the wonderful CT from StarSongStudio and Aquarius Design:
Here is the way this challenge works: we provide you with a little mini kit of papers and elements for you to make a layout. You must use each and every item in the kit and nothing else. You may use the items more than once, but each piece has to be used in your layout. The number of photos used is up to you.

Save your image as a jpg file, at 600x600 pixels, no larger than 125 K.

Here is the mini that you will be using this month:

Be sure to check back for more fabulous Freebies of this HUGE collaboration!

Today I introduce the first collab partner:

Manu aka ManuScraps
A little about your background….
1 When did you start Designing? 
 I started as ct and made layouts for friends and making my own elements whenever I didn't have the right one in my stash. I joined RakScraps and contributed minikits. Later I got emails from a few store owners asking me if I don't want to sell. In January 2007 I joined The Daily Scrap then.
2 How did you chose your Design name ?
 First I had ManuDesigns in mind, but Manuela Zimmermann (you know her as Studio Manu for sure) already had picked that name *lol* So I chose ManuScraps
3 Where do you live?
 I live in the heart of Germany.
4 Tell us about your family ie, hubby, kids, etc?
 I don't have kids - I still feel to young ;) I'm living with my partner and cat.

Getting to know you……
5 Do you have a ‘real’ job besides designing? 
 I’m manager of a video store.
6 What is your favourite hobby besides Digi Scrapping? 
 Reading, reading and ...reading. I love thriller and read each evening in bed.
7 How long have you been designing? 
Since 2003 I think. HUH, that long??
8 What is one of your pet peeves? 
Definitely housework. I work 42 hours and more a week and don't want to spend my little spare time with things like that *lol* But well, not matter what, it has to be done, right?
9 If you could travel anywhere where would you go?  
That's hard to answer... There a so many places I haven't been yet and would like to go... Hawaii, Egypt, Australia, USA...
10 Tell us something about you that no one knows.
I don't think I have something left no one knows yet. But 2 things not everyone knows:
- I don't have any pure bright red in my wardrobe because I can't wear it without getting aggressive
- if it was up to me to decide there would be more rectangle, triangle and cubic things in the world than round ones. Yes, my watch is square and I have hexagonal long drink glasses.
Show us three of your own favourite products currently available in your store

Beautiful Bride
Pamper Yourself
     Just The Way You Are
I don't have personal CT's at this time - any applicants welcome ;-)
Manu’s Blog
Manu’s Facebook
Manu’s Twitter
Manu's Pinterest
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