Monday, 19 May 2008

Sketch and layout

Just love all of you!

It's fantastic to read about what you think about my latest kit 'My Garden'.
For all of this love i made sketch and a layout for you.

Big hug,

You can download the sketch here!

You can download the layout here!
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Thursday, 15 May 2008

Make Glitter in Photoshop

Open a new canvas of 300x300.
Open een nieuw canvas van 300x300.
Set you're foreground to colour of liking and background to white.
Zet je voorgrondkleur op de gewenste kleur en de achtergrond op wit.
Filter - render - clouds
Filter-noise-add noise:
Filter - noise - add noise:

Add a new layer.
Voeg een nieuw laag toe.
Select you're brush 5 pixels with these settings:
Selecteer je penseel, 5 pixels met onderstaande instellingen:

Take a colour in the range of you're foreground color and brush 'away'.
Gebruik een kleur in het kleurenspectrum dat past bij je voorgrondkleur en ga jezelf te buiten.
Add about 7 layers with different colours, you can even use white and a goldish yellow.
Voeg ongeveer 7 lagen met verschillende kleuren, je kunt zelfs wit of een goudkleurig geel gebruiken.
Mine looks after 7 layers like this:
De mijne ziet er zo uit na 7 lagen:

Merge the brush layers.
Voeg de penseel lagen samen.
Go to blending options:
Ga naar blending opties:
Add a dropshade like this one:
En geef een slafschaduw zoals deze:

Add a outer glow like this one, with colour in you're colourrange, just play with the settings:
Voeg een 'buiten glow' zoals deze toe, met een kleur die past bij de voorgrondkleur, en 'speel' met de instellingen:

Add a new layer.
Voeg een nieuwe laag toe.
Go to you're brush and set them to a bigger one like this:
Ga naar je penseel en zet hem op een grotere zoals dit:

Add again about 5 layers with different colours of the brush and give the same blending option.
Voeg weer een laag of 5 met verschillende kleuren met het penseel toe en geef het dezelfde blending opties.
Merge these 5 layers.
Voeg deze 5 lagen samen.
Change both of these (merged) layers the layer options to screen, lighten or what ever looks the best.
Zet allebei de (samengevoegde) lagen de laagopties op screen, lighten of wat jij het mooist vind.
Add a new layer and select you're brush again with this brush:
Voeg weer een nieuwe laag toe en selecteer het volgende penseel:

Brush a little with a white colour and set the blending option to this:
Verf een beetje met wit en zet de blending optie op dit:

If you like what you've created, merge the layers.
Als het bevalt wat je gemaakt hebt voeg dan de lagen samen.

You can now crop the image a little so that you can select only the 'nice' part.
Nu kun je de afbeelding bijsnijden zodat je alleen het mooiste gedeelte kunt gebruiken.
To make it seamless go to Filter-Other-Offset:
Om het naadloos te maken ga naar Filter - Other -Offset:

Now you can use you're glitter as a seamless pattern.
Nu kun je de glitter gebruiken als een naadloos patroon.

This is my result:
Dit is mijn resultaat:

If you like my tutorial and if you think it's useful please let me know!
Als je de tutorial leuk en leerzaam vind laat het dan mij weten!
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Wednesday, 14 May 2008

My Garden

I just finished this kit named 'My Garden', this one is taggers size,
the papers are 1000 pixels large.

It containes:
5 papers
2 frames
4 doodles
1 bee
1 lady bug
4 butterfly's
4 flowers
1 button-flower
1 mesh
1 flower border
1 flower ribbon
1 glitter

If you like it you can download it here, but please leave me some 'love' on the blog.

I'm always curious about you're creations, so don't hesitate to show me!
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Monday, 12 May 2008


Just wanted to show you some of my masks that are also freebies.
You can download them at my site.

Click here to go to my mask freebie section!

If you like them please leave me some 'love' on the blog.

Lots of hugs,

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Saturday, 10 May 2008

Layout Mothersday

Made a layout for mothersday, just fit two pretty pictures in it and you're ready to go ;)

If you like the layout you can download it here, the size of the layout is 3264x2448.
Leave me some 'love' if you download please!
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Friday, 9 May 2008


I made some doodles for you, just practicing my skills on the drawing board.

If you like them you can download them here, but please leave me some 'love' on the blog.

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First doodle

Today i made my first doodle on my Bamboo, it's not as easy as it seems.
You have to get used again to holding a pen, i seldom have to write something always use my pc lol.
What do ya think about my first attempt?

I was surprised how many downloaded my kits!
It's strange that most leave no thanks or anything.
So please wen you download show me some love on the blog, you have know idea how much work it is to make these kits.
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Thursday, 8 May 2008

Drawing board

Today i got my first drawing board ever! Can't wait to instal the Wacom Bamboo Fun.
Hopefully i soon get the hang of it.
Thought i missed the deliveryman because i went swimming with the kids.
The boys really enjoy swimming, but my little one hates water. But i hope she'll grow over her angsity and will swim like a rat wen she grows up.
But hé pantience is a vertue (don't know if i wrote that correctly) the say ;)

I was spotted by digifree, i'm so flatterd with all of you're 'love' in my 4shared account, but i would love to see that 'love' back on my blog it's easier to track at the blog then 4shared.
Thanks everyone for those kind words and hopefully we'll be 'seeing' alot of each other on my blog.

Big hug to you all,
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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Spunky Girl

Today i finished the Spunky Girl kit.
I'm very thankful to Melissa from Sentimental Style, because i could use her glitter tiles for this kit.
If you like the Spunky Girl kit you can download it here.

If you like it, please leave some love on the blog when you download!
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Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Spring Metal

Last week i designed Spring Metal, it wasn't my intention to make a new scrapkit but i just bought the butterfly action from Lisa, and somehow i just couldn't resist making a new kit.
The drawing is an old one, but just fitted right in.
You can download Spring Metal here.

If you like it, please leave some love on the blog when you download!

This wonderful tag was made by Lisa from Buds, with the spring metal kit.
Thanks ever so much Lisa!

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Summer Breeze

This is my third kit called Summer Breeze, it's inspired by a shirt from my little gril.
I really like how those colours complement each other.
You can download Summer Breeze here.

If you like it, please leave some love on the blog when you download!
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Petrol Ocean

The second kit is called Petrol Ocean, i really had a blast designing this one.
You can download Petrol Ocean here.

If you like it, please leave some love on the blog when you download!
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Purple Delight kit

The first kit i ever made is the Purple Delight kit.
If you like it you can download it here

If you like it, please leave some love on the blog when you download!

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Update 05-12-08
Aquarius Design Commercial Use Terms Of Use License
Thank you for purchasing my commercial use product's
Please feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding usage which is not answered below.
Contact - aquariusdes(at)
You MAY:
*Use these items in any commercial way, as long as you do not sell on the files in the original state without modifications.
*Alter the size and color etc to suit your designing needs.
*Make one copy of these files for backup purposes only, but not with intent to redistribute.
*Resell any of these products, or claim them as your own designs without any modifications.
*Offer these items on any website as downloads or send them through any illegal file sharing groups, forums etc.
*Hold me responsible for any loss or damages resulting from the use of these items.
Credit in your own tou files is very much appreciated though is no compulsary.
Enjoy designing with my commercial use items.
Aquarius Design
Aquarius DesignTerms Of Use License non commercial
These Aquarius Design Scrap items are for personal use only.
No commercial use is allowed under any circumstances.
Please do not claim these scraps as your own.
Please do not alter any of them and claim them as your own.
You may resize or colourize them to suit your projects, tags etc.
Please do not change the filenames.
Please keep them in tact.
Please do NOT upload to any website.
Tutorial Writers
If you use the kits in a tut, please, always credit me and link back to my site for the purchased kitsand for the freebies and let me know that you are using the kit in in tut.
Msn Group Challenge Hosts
You may use any of my freebie scraps in any of your challenges.
Please share the original preview and link to
Do not point to the download folder but to the blog!!
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at aquariusdes(at)
I don't have many rules so please be respectful and follow them.
Thank you
Aquarius D. owner of Aquarius Scrapability
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The beginning

Since everyone has a blog these days... and i'm getting very adicted to making scrap-kits, i thought it would come in handy to share them on a blog. ;)
Please be patient with me, because blogging is really new to me.

A little about myself.
I'm a working mother of 3, 2 boys and a girl in the age range of 1 to 9.
My first adiction was psp and that 'grew' on me, so that i have been writing tutorials for several years now. Since about a half year or so i have ps on my comp aswell.
I met N. Hinrichs, we talked alot about making photographs (i'm an owner of an digital reflex camera), and she 'lit' the scrapping virus. She's a famous scrapdesigner (books, papers etc.).

I really hope that you like my scrapkits and if you have a question feel free to ask!

Big hug,
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