Thursday, 2 July 2009

QP, tutorial and nuthouse news

The July Nut House Scraps Newsletter is posted.
Here are a few pieces from it.
You may read the complete newsletter and get the links to the freebies here.

What is a friend?
According to Webster a friend is
a:Function: noun 1 a: one attached to another by affection or esteem b: acquaintance2 a: one that is not hostile b: one that is of the same nation, party, or group3: one that favors or promotes something (as a charity)4: a favored companion5: capitalized: a member of a Christian sect that stresses Inner Light, rejects sacraments and an ordained ministry, and opposes war —called also Quaker

But really is not a friend more than this?
My friends are my family... cuz most of my family sure ain’t my friends
When I was growing up I did not know my birth grandparents.
I can just barely remember my one grandmother.
We had a neighbor couple,... read more go to our newsletter.

Getting to Know Wilma
How long have you been scrapping digitally?
Not so long, I have started a half year ago making scrapkits and CU items, so I am kind of a newbie in this world!
Do you paper scrap as well?
No, I have seen it in stores, my mother has done it one time and when I saw all that mess at the table I knew that wasn’t an option for me with two little kids, 2 dogs and 3 cats... read more go to our newsletter.

Using a layer template in Paint Shop Pro 10
1. Open template file in PSP (either a .pspimage or .psd file). I’ll be using one of my templates that can be found if you’d like to follow along. You can find the template... read more go to our newsletter.

This digital scrapbooking mega kit was made up by the Nut House Scraps team of Aquarius Designs, Debbers, Acorn Designs, Amy W. Designs, Red Ivy Designs, Scrapper’s Alley Designs, Tib Bit Designs, ManuScraps, Little Bit’s D-zynz, Zesty Designs, and Wilma4Ever.
Come experience the summer sun on the beach or at the shore with our Beach Trip mega kit.
Lie back on the beach and unwind, have a beach volleyball game, take a dip in the warm ocean waters with the jellyfish and sea urchins, or just take a stroll among the sand dunes getting the sand stuck between your toes while you gather seashells. There is always something to love about a trip to the beach.
Colors used: cerulean, blue, sky blue, light blue, sand, beige, tan, sandalwood, brown, yellow, pearl, white, off-white, black, gold, aqua, cyan
Suggested pages: vacation, picnic, lake, beach, ocean side, beach wedding, heritage vacation photos, fantasy, children's stories, summer activities, spring break
Over 60 Papers
Over 160 Elements
Not all elements are shown

This lovely tutorial is made by Mary of Scrappy Luv, you can follow the tutorial in Photoshop CS4 at her blog.

Kit used is Breathe available at my stores.

The Quickpage freebie is for download at Mary's blog here.


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