Wednesday, 29 October 2008

An award and a new tut

Thank you Raeven for the award
The rules are that I have to state seven things that I love and
then pass this onto seven more blogs.

1. Spending time with my family, i know it sounds dull.
2. I like creating things on PS.
3. My camera.
4. My best friend that i just adore, she's such a sweetie.
5. Not to forget my hubbie, can't have it that he reads this and says that i forgot about him ;)
6. Reading books ( a lot of them )
7. Spending time in the bathroom preferbly with a book.

The blogs i will pass it onto:
Lisa at Sophisticated Scraps
Melissa at Sentimental Style
Nani at Chronicels of Nani
Sabre at sabres quill and parchment
Vix at Vix psp
Karen at Kaklei design
Diane at Candy's Treats

Onto the new tut writen by my new CT member Manda.
You can find the tut here.


Diane said...

thank you for my award
huggers Diane x

Kaklei Designs said...

thank so much 4 the award hun, I love ur blog and willpost it in mine ASAP, you are very tallented and I love ur stuff, big hus, Karen

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