Saturday, 4 October 2008

Free large kits

Since the winners have been announced at Stone Accents Studio, i have decided that 2 of the 4 kits will remain free, the free ones will be the Army honor kit and the Remembrance kit since Chas has writen an tutorial with it, it wouldn't seem fair to delete this one.
The other 2 will go to my store at DS, but i'm not sure if they are going to be free or that i will ask a small price for them.

So in short the Fancy and the Child's play are no longer available for download except the add-ons, they will come back at the store but that will take a little while until i have changed a little.

If you have any suggestions what so ever please do mail me, but my mind has made up considering these 2 kits.

Congratulations to Monica, Piggy scraps and Mitsybelle for becoming a sassy designer.

Before i forget i was rewarded a Award again, since i did this a couple of times with the same award i won't do it this time, but i want to thank Chas for giving me this award.
Muchos gracias hunnie!


smiekeltje said...

Hallo, leuk dat je een boodschapje op mijn blog hebt achtergelaten. Nou ja, dat ik je elke keer op de lijst zet is niet zo raar, ik vind dat je hele mooie dingen maakt.!

Kit said...

Hi hunnie,
You have an award on my blog :D

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