Sunday, 28 November 2010

Let us make a difference – charity project

Dear Digidesignresort Friend,

I have something really special to announce and I want to make sure that it gets all your attention.

This year we want to make a difference – we want to give something back from all the love you give us over the year and we want to give something to those who live in poverty, pain and danger – the Haitians. Although they have disappeared from the news they are still suffering at the results of the earthquakes this year.
Some weeks ago I saw a report on TV and since that day I cannot forget the eyes of a little girl who is now blind – waiting for help and a surgery.
Although there are usually these appeals mostly around christmas – we @ Digidesignresort want to NOT just help over christmas but with this DVD over the whole year.
50% of ALL income will go to charity projects in Haiti – we will send our donation to SOS Kinderdorf – a German Charity organisation. It´s well known so I´m sure our money will be brought to those who need it most. If you like a look – check out here.
The other 50% will be used for shipping (because shipping is already included in the price of the DVD to make it also affordable for you) and material (DVD, printing, cover printing).
So for you – this will be a wonderful gift – for the one or other little girl or boy in Haiti our contribution will make the difference in their life.
It´s on intoduction price right now

This DVD is NOT a downloadable product but will be shipped to your address added here in the store (so please make sure it is correct).

Wherever you are shipping and handling is already included in the price!!!

What is included – in Detail:

have prepared this unique DVD very carefully for you so you really have
all you need to get started or to give a wonderful gift.

Collaboration MEGAKits:

  1. A new Year – Life

  2. One day in your Life
  3. Daydreaming
  4. Summer Cottage
  5. Sand in my Toes

(value $75, from all kits are part A + B included)


  1. Create a basic layout
  2. Create a layout with a template
  3. Adding Shadows
  4. Adding Dimension
  5. Frame a Photo
  6. Get rid of red Eyes
  7. Make a Puzzle out of your Photos
  8. Add realistic Shadows
  9. Recolor Elements and papers
  10. Restore old Photos
  11. Cut out text out of Photos
  12. Turn photos into black/white

(value $48)

Bonus Videos:

  • Create a Photobook
  • Create a Calendar
  • Create a Greeting Card

(value $15)

Some MORE Surprises also included!

(value – priceless ;-) )

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