Saturday, 13 November 2010

Nutcracker Clearance sale, and free with purchase

Nutcracker Clearance
Look at what's on sale for 65% off

The Designer's Down-Low

(Clearance Shopping at it's best)

I feel like Black Friday already happened! I spent under $20 and my
shopping cart had *30* items in it.

I don't know if you've looked at the new Nutcracker Clearance section in
the shop, but I think some of our Nutty Designers went more than
'crackers' on the sale prices! There are a ton of items in there for
Commercial-Use, many of them I picked up for a song and added them to my
secret stash of beautiful painted overlays, adorable templates, foliage
elements, frames, exotic patterns, and characters.

It's worth your time to just peruse the clearance bin!

My Nutcracker Shopping Secret to only view the Commercial Use items?
Since every single CU item has "CU" in the title, I went to advanced
search, used CU for my search term, and then used the pull down menu
below to search ONLY in the Nutcracker Clearance section.

Rainbow Whims Mini Album
Rainbow Whims Mini Album
Free Gift with $5.00 Purchase.
Wild Things Mega Album
Wild Things Mega Album
Free Gift with $10.00 Purchase.
Wild Things Mega Collection
Wild Things Mega Collection
Free Gift with $20.00 Purchase.

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