Monday, 1 November 2010

Timeless Keepsakes with Freebies

Timeless keepsakes

Minds replace absence with memories,
and as remembrances fade missing sections are restored,
logical generation of what may as well be.

It’s hard to have someone.
We are anchoring ourselves to passing ships.
Sometimes your eyes held me
as if trying to prepare a memory,
embalming me for long term storage
though I was not yet gone or going.

several blooming moments
you were loved more than everlasting sunrise,
more than childhood passion or God’s forgiveness.

I loved you more than the promise of a goddess,
you’ve taught me imperfection’s divinity.
You are woven in real tiny deposits of radiance often taken for granted.

This scrapbooking kit in shades of brown / beige and blue papers with hints of red and pink elements has a grunge feel to it, which is perfect for all the lost loves that you want to remember with this timeless keepsake.

The kit contains:
10 papers
30 elements ( flowers, ribbons, frames, leaves, shutterdoor, lamp and all kind of nature elements)

Look at what the talented DDR ct made with this kit:

Or get these 4 quickpages made by Aquarius Design for all those moments you don't have time to scrap yourself:

Or use these clusters and wordarts to embelish your pages with:

Or get yourself a little more for less and get this bundle containing the scrapbookkit, the quickpages, the clusters and the wordarts:

Nancy has made this wonderful quickpage for you a second quickpage can be downloaded at her blog, so jump on over to her blog aswell and you have 2 quickpages!
To get this quickpage click on the preview to go to the download page.

We have the new "Free with Purchase" ready for you in store - and really - it´s gorgous! I´m absolutely proud on the designer team looking at that collab - they did an absolutely amazing job! It´s glowing and full of gorgous late summer/autumn colors, I´m sure you´ll love it as well...

One day in your life

(Don´t forget to add it to your shopping card!!!)

Some layouts for your inspiration...

Get part A with a purchase of 10$ free....

And you´ll get both parts - A and B - free with a purchase of 20$

This Megakit is worth 14$!!!!


Our designer team decided that it´s time to give a little of the love and friendship back you gave us over time - so for all ACTIVE forum members we have a free collaboration kit!


This collaboration kit "Devotion"
is to thank all those who frequent our forum often and who are real chatterboxes. If you aren't already a chatterbox, please feel free to join us in becoming one and build with us a bigger family and friendships here at Digidesignresort.

Here is how you can get the kit free:

We made 3 forums you can access with
300, 600 and 1000 posts.

Each level is free automatically after you´ve reached the mentioned posts.

You find level 1 forum here, level 2 here and level 3 here.
Also, if you already talked and have reached one or all levels - you can already access the forums!

You might need to register first ONCE - of course you can use the same email and password as here.

So talk talk talk, build friendships and get this kit FREE!!!!!

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